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How It All Began

Since 1997

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I’ve downsized my herd now to just 6 older foundation alpacas that I want to live out their lives here.

If you’re looking to start your own alpaca farm, I am happy to help you with recommendations on getting started and referring you to breeders I respect.

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Established in 1997, Alpaca Heights is one of the original pioneers that started breeding alpacas in Michigan. It's funny when I reflect back to 1997 when I invested in 3 Full Peruvian huacayas. I had 3 main concerns. Would market prices continue another 5 yrs., 10 yrs.? Would my alpacas get out and all run away? Would rustlers show up in the middle of the night and steal them all. Oh my, I sure was green back then. I'm pleased to say that here I am many years later, alpaca prices are still favorable, my herd has never escaped, nor have any rustlers shown up. Life is good.

My operation is contained on a modest 4 acre parcel of land just on the outskirts of Ubly, Michigan, a small town surrounded by rolling hills of rich agricultural farmland and majestic 400 ft. tall wind turbines that now dot the landscape. I grew up less than 3 miles away on a large farm. Growing up I helped with lots of tasks around the farm until it was time to go to college and land a job. After spending 23 years with the local Road Commission I longed to find an occupation I could do from home. It was just a stroke of luck that I typed the word Alpaca in a search engine and the rest is history as they say.

At its peak, my herd numbers were in the low 40’s. I have now downsized to just 8 older foundation alpacas that can live out their lives here.

In 2016 my dream Farm Store was built here on the farm. Prior to having a store, I sold alpaca socks out of my house during the Christmas season. I’m grateful for the many shoppers that have supported me for decades!

In 2019 I became passionate about industrial hemp. I had a front row seat watching my nephews farm it for the first time. That experience led me to getting licensed to be able to market hemp CBD products in my farm store.